Bankruptcy and Immigration

The landscape of American demographics is changing, once again. As another wave of immigrants move to this country, the naturalization process stands in the way of some individuals’ hopes of US citizenship. Especially under current economic stresses, the way a person handles his or her money can be used as an indicator for his or her future success or failure as a citizen. As such, filing for bankruptcy can be a part of the immigration process, either used to hurt or help a person’s naturalization chances.

Bankruptcy, for some, is an extremely sensible option to consider, despite the stigmas attached to it. Contact the Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys of [firm-name] at [phone-number] to learn more about how bankruptcy could save your livelihood today.

Naturalizing While Bankrupt

The government has allowed for certain people to file for bankruptcy while in the United States, while blocking others. Specifically, bankruptcy plays the following roles in immigration, or vice versa:

  • As long as property or a business is owned that is stateside, bankruptcy can be filed
  • Bankruptcy can be filed while applying for naturalization
  • Bankruptcy can be used to deny a naturalization application
  • Bankruptcy may not compromise public funds through joint finances

The final point states that an immigration sponsor may not sacrifice public assistance funds to help the incoming immigrant’s financial situation. In these cases, it would become clear that immigration would not be beneficial for the country. Otherwise, bankruptcy, if done correctly, can continue to be a viable option for a prospective immigrant.

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