Can I Reestablish Credit after Bankruptcy?

A common concern for many people going through bankruptcy is whether they will be able to reestablish their credit after the bankruptcy process has concluded. While this may seem like a dangerous thing for someone coming out of bankruptcy, debt is a practical part of modern life that many people simply cannot afford to go without. It is important to know that a person will still have options, even after bankruptcy.

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3 Things to Remember when Reestablishing Credit

A debtor heading into bankruptcy should try to remember these three things about credit:

#1: Credit Cards May Survive Bankruptcy

A debtor has the option of affirming a credit card’s line of credit during their bankruptcy. This means that the debtor accepts responsibility for paying the debt, and it will not be discharged with other debts through bankruptcy.

#2: Many Banks Will Refuse Requests

It is a simple fact of bankruptcy that many banks will not allow debtors going through bankruptcy to apply for certain credit cards. A debtor needs to stay optimistic, but also should keep in mind the reality that most banks are unlikely to grant desirable credit opportunities to those with a bankruptcy on their record.

#3: Some Options Still Remain

Although many banks will refuse bankrupt individuals from getting cards with large credit lines, they will not necessarily stop a debtor from getting a line of credit altogether. Some banks offer credit opportunities for those with weak credit scores, although these cards may have high interest rates and a low credit ceiling.

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