Debtor Education and Bankruptcy

When a person files for bankruptcy protection, they need to complete a few important requirements established by the courts. In particular, educational requirements are a common part of personal bankruptcies. There are two primary educational mandates that need to be fulfilled. The first is completed before a person files. A person needs to fulfill the second during the bankruptcy process, allowing them to have debt discharged.

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Requirements for Debtor Education

After a debtor has worked through the preliminary steps of their bankruptcy case, they should begin working on fulfilling whatever else the court has asked of them. In particular, debtors need to consider attending a mandatory debtor education class sooner rather than later.

The following requirements need to be met for this debtor education session:

  • The class should be completed before 45 days after the initial creditor meeting for Chapter 7 bankruptcies
  • The class should be completed before the payment plan is complete for Chapter 13 bankruptcies
  • The class must be at least 2 hours long
  • The class must cover required curriculum points
  • The class must be court-approved

These classes are supposed to cover some important financial management skills to help debtors avoid finding themselves on the same path again in the future.

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