Exemptions for Public Aid

The state of Alabama has bankruptcy exemptions available for those who need to protect their public aid benefits. These benefits often provide necessary income to help cover costs associated with dealing with a disability. Public aid can significantly help a family to cope with financial struggles. It is primarily for this reason that Alabama state law permit families to exempt these benefits from bankruptcy proceedings.

Unfortunately, there are times when even public aid may not be enough to help you to address your financial obligations. For more information regarding your options if you are in distress due to an unmanageable debt load, contact the Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys of [firm-name], at [phone-number] today.

Forms of Public Aid Exempted

The state provides certain types of exemptions for public aid. This aid can assist individuals or families who meet the requirements of various government programs. These programs are targeted to help those with disabilities or needs that put a serious strain on their ability to stay financially stable. If these persons fall into bankruptcy, this income can become especially important. The following types of public aid are protected under state law:

  • Aid for blind individuals
  • Aid for the disabled
  • Aid for the elderly
  • Welfare aid

The income from these programs can be a genuine help to those who are in greatest need of assistance. The bankruptcy law reflects that to subject these benefits to bankruptcy proceedings would constitute needless punishment.

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