How Bankruptcy Software Falls Short

Although the use of computers and do-it-yourself software programs has come to replace many jobs previously held by professionals, bankruptcy does not fit neatly into that category. Several companies have produced bankruptcy software that claims to remove the cost of a lawyer while making the process easier for the debtor. These programs may be useful in keeping track of paperwork, but there is no true substitute for the help of a legal professional.

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DIY Bankruptcy Issues

If bankruptcy were a simple and streamlined process, perhaps it would not be such a problem to use bankruptcy software. However, this is simply not the case. Bankruptcy can become a complex, involved process if debtors enter into proceedings unprepared. Software cannot help with the following problems:

  • Case or court-specific problems
  • Providing legal argumentation
  • Offering responsive support when it is needed

Consumers typically receive precisely what they pay for. Instead of passing up on services and valuable legal advice that could help restructure one’s finances for the better, individuals considering bankruptcy should think twice before relying on software programs to organize their proceedings.

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