Pet Expenses and Bankruptcy

Many people have had to make substantial changes in their life in order to cope with overwhelming debt obligations. These burdensome debts can challenge almost every aspect of a debtor’s life, including their pet ownership. From large animals such as horses to small hamsters, a pet owner is responsible for providing basic care such as food and shelter to an animal they own. These expenses can become problematic when facing bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy and Animal Ownership

The expenses associated with caring for an animal can prove very high in many cases. A pet owner needs to provide a variety of services for the care of their animal both as a legal and moral obligation.

The following expenses may be associated with animal ownership:

  • Veterinary bills
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Leashes and similar safety devices
  • Animal living fees in rented properties

These costs may be factored directly into a debtor’s expenses through a bankruptcy filing, potentially allowing the debtor to keep their pet. In some cases, an animal may be considered a part of that individual’s income, potentially being protected by a bankruptcy exemption. At the very least, a debtor may be allowed to file for a wild card exemption to remove their pet from the threat of assessment as saleable property in bankruptcy proceedings.

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