Stopping Creditor Calls

When you have outstanding debts and start to fall behind on payments, you will likely begin to receive regular calls from creditors demanding payment. As time goes on, the calls may become more threatening and stressful, coming through multiple times a day. You may be forced to explain your situation over and over to new callers who care more about the bottom line than about your unique financial situation. Fortunately, there are options to help you stop these calls and get your financial life back on track.

Retaining a Lawyer

If you are being regularly harassed by creditors through phone calls, mail, emails, and visits to your home, it may be in your best interest to retain an attorney to help you with your situation. Being constantly bothered by creditors is incredibly stressful and prevents you from focusing on improving your financial situation. As soon as you hire a lawyer, she or he can field all communications with creditors and will deal with them on your behalf so that you are no longer being personally harassed.

Invoking the Automatic Stay

Another effective way that an experienced lawyer can help to stop creditor calls is through the automatic stay provision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The automatic stay is a legal provision that prevents creditors from contacting you for payment once you have filed for bankruptcy. If creditors continue to harass you, they can be heavily penalized. Our Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys can help to ensure that the automatic stay is upheld throughout your bankruptcy proceeding.

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