The U.S. Military and Bankruptcy

Since each member of the Armed Forces voluntarily puts himself or herself in dangerous situations on any given day, the government affords certain benefits to service members in order to make the rest of their lives easier. In certain cases, the government can even intervene to protect soldiers in the event of a bankruptcy, making the process simpler and more attuned to a service member’s often hectic schedule.

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Changes in the Process

The bankruptcy code is set up to protect debtors while they try to reestablish their financial health, while giving creditors the opportunity to receive the funds they deserve in a certain time frame. In the case of the military, more protections and services are available to soldiers than the average citizen. These benefits include:

  • Eviction defense
  • Exemption from credit counseling if on-mission in a combat zone
  • Protection from penalties accrued from trial absences
  • Diminished wage garnishment and associated payments

In addition to these protections, other specific payment changes are available through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This law was passed to allow soldiers to focus on the battlefield and base camp duties, instead of thinking about the seemingly endless legal and financial footslogging that awaits them back at home.

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