What Are the Dangers of Luxury Spending before Bankruptcy?

As Americans are faced with advertising for a vast array of consumer goods on a daily basis, it can be hard for a person to resist buying unnecessary luxury items, even if they cannot afford to do so. In part, this is why credit card debt is such a serious issue. However, if a person spends money on these types of luxury items before filing for bankruptcy, they can be penalized by the courts for this sort of spending.

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What’s Considered a Luxury?

Before the court allows someone to file for bankruptcy, their recent spending record may be closely scrutinized. As a result, any debt taken out on luxury expenses within a certain period of time before the person files may not be dischargeable. The following may be considered luxury items:

  • Electronics
  • Excessive or extravagant clothing
  • An unnecessary vehicle
  • Unnecessary home furnishings
  • Make-up and other cosmetic expenses
  • Vacations

If a person tries to get credit card debt that includes these expenses discharged, the courts may not allow the action. The person may be required to pay this debt off without bankruptcy’s benefits.

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