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Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, there are certain debts that debtors may attempt to eliminate through the bankruptcy process, but which will legally remain their responsibility. Although many debts are discharged (forgiven) under Chapter 7, there are some that either stay with the debtor because of some misdeed or simply because of the legal nature of that debt. In either case, the debtor is expected to continue payment to that creditor as normal.

The financial distress that leads an individual to consider bankruptcy can create a troubling, confusing time for those debtors who are overwhelmed by the process. Contact Birmingham non-dischargeable debt attorney, Paula Greenway, of [firm-name], by calling [phone-number].

Grounds for Discharge Denial and Types of Non-Dischargeable Debts

Speaking broadly, there are two kinds of non-dischargeable debts. There are those debts that are inherently treated differently by the law, and are always considered non-dischargeable. Then, there are dischargeable debts that are denied because of some negligence or illegality caused by the debtor. The following debts may not be discharged:

  • Those incurred by intentional negligence or malice, including DUI suits
  • Those involving inadequate book-keeping practices
  • Those violating court orders
  • Those involving fraud
  • Cooperative fees
  • Student loans
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Many taxes

These debts, unlike those widely considered dischargeable, are largely left unaffected by bankruptcy proceedings, even those as straightforward as Chapter 7. Although some of these expenses are unavoidable, such as taxes, others can easily not affect a debtor if they simply keep the law in mind when making financial dealings.

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