Foreclosure DefenseFebruary’s nationwide foreclosure rate declines by 10 percent

April 26, 2016

A 10 percent decrease in the nationwide foreclosure rate was observed in February when compared to the same month last year, a report of Orlando Business Journal stated on April 12.

According to reports, the recorded foreclosure inventory across the U.S. in February was only 1.1 percent, or 434,000 properties, compared to the 571,000 recorded in the same month last year. Last February’s recorded foreclosure level was considered the lowest in terms of months since 2007. Home owners nationwide, who have struggled to settle their mortgage in 90 days, also declined in February by 19.9 percent. The state of Florida remains in the top spot of the five states identified by CoreLogic with highest foreclosure rates followed by Michigan, Texas, California, and Ohio.

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