Bankruptcy sought by Strauss Auto for the 5th time

Strauss Auto has recently been nicknamed a “Chapter 55” company because it has now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy five times.

The first time Strauss Discount Auto stores filed for bankruptcy was in 1979. Since that day, the company has filed for bankruptcy four more times, with the most recent one taking place this year. Numerous reasons have been behind the filings, and several different owners have tried to pull the company out of bankruptcy.

Currently, there are 46 Strauss Discount Auto stores still open in the United States. With the most recent filing, all of those locations will shut their doors. The assets of the company will be sold, and it will undergo a liquidation process. Due to the poor economy, multiple bankruptcy filings by the same companies have been noticed in recent years.

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Paula GreenwayPaula Greenway

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