Tips people could do to mitigate excessive credit card debts

Financial experts have observed that though many people are earning more money, nationwide credit card debt is also on the rise, noting the $912 billion debt from January to June of this year.

Experts noted that mitigating credit card debts could be considered “one of the wisest investments” people can have. This is often conflicting, as many people view a higher credit limit as an asset instead of a liability. For those who have been struggling with credit card debts, they may want to try negotiating to consolidate all their balance and repay it over a longer term. This tactic is often applicable for those who have an appealing credit score. Another advantage of people with a good credit score is they could acquire loans with fixed interest rates that are significantly lower than for people with poor credit scores. Usual financial sacrifices like reducing personal expenses or considering tapping emergency funds often work for many people. Earning additional income is also a fool-proof way for anyone to dramatically wipe off their credit card debts.

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Paula GreenwayPaula Greenway

Paula Greenway is a native of Birmingham and has focused her practice on consumer bankruptcy since 1996. She is licensed to practice law in all jurisdictions throughout the State of Alabama. Paula has handled over 5,000 bankruptcy cases ranging in complexity throughout her career and prides herself on being able to come up with creative solutions to her clients’ financial issues.