U.S. grads find it harder to pay off student loans than UK grads

A recent study revealed that although student loans are substantially higher in the UK than the U.S., college graduates in the U.S. often find it harder to settle their debts, an article of University Herald reported on June 17.

In the report released by the Sutton Trust, tuition fees in the UK were the highest among English-speaking countries and college graduates were left with heftier student loan debts. Even so, students in the UK had an easier time settling their debts than American students. The research focused on 30 English-speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Unlike graduates in other countries, UK grads are given “clear repayment methods.” U.S. grads often contribute to the glaring student loan debt level because many of them are not earning income to settle their debts.

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Paula GreenwayPaula Greenway

Paula Greenway is a native of Birmingham and has focused her practice on consumer bankruptcy since 1996. She is licensed to practice law in all jurisdictions throughout the State of Alabama. Paula has handled over 5,000 bankruptcy cases ranging in complexity throughout her career and prides herself on being able to come up with creative solutions to her clients’ financial issues.