3 Important Ways a Bankruptcy Trustee Affects Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy trustees are court-appointed officials who oversee the major processes that go on during a bankruptcy. These individuals help to work between creditors and debtors to keep a bankruptcy case on track and progressing through the necessary steps. Furthermore, these individuals may also be able to bring up problems between both creditors and debtors and come to a resolution that will be satisfactory to both sides.

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How a Bankruptcy Trustee Oversees Chapter 7 Cases

Bankruptcy trustees provide a variety of important services during a bankruptcy case. These can include some of the following:

  1. Reviewing initial bankruptcy claims and information
  2. Bringing forward objections from creditors or debtors during the bankruptcy
  3. Evaluating liquidation property and providing creditors with that value

These three major roles can drastically impact a bankruptcy. This is why it’s so important for a debtor to be prepared for a trustee’s demands, as they don’t want to waste a trustee’s time or force them to go through unnecessary effort during the case.

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