Alabama Personal Property Exemption

The state of Alabama creates bankruptcy exemptions for its citizens that may protect certain pieces of personal property. In many states, bankruptcy exemptions for personal property only extend to certain necessary items. However, some exemptions may cover some “unnecessary” property, as well.

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Keeping Personal Property during Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy exemptions help debtors retain some of their necessary or important property. This can help debtors keep control over their finances after the bankruptcy proceedings are over. Also, some of these exemptions protect bankrupt debtors from losing items that may hold little actual value, but hold great personal value. In Alabama, the following property exemptions are available:

  • Burial plots
  • Pictures or portraits of family members
  • Necessary items such as clothing
  • Books
  • Church pews

If a person files for bankruptcy in the state of Alabama, they may benefit from these exemptions. Especially in the case of family pictures and burial plots, these items may be immensely valuable for a certain person, but hold very little market value.

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