Bankruptcy and Defaulting Strategies

There is, regrettably, often a social stigma associated with filing for bankruptcy or defaulting on a loan. While some outside of the situation may regard either of these actions as an indication that a person or business has simply reached the end of their financial rope, they may actually represent a wise and beneficial tactic. Choosing to file for bankruptcy out of something other than desperation can help to cut one’s financial losses or to stop creditor harassment.

If it appears that a bankruptcy filing may be the most sensible financial option for your company or family, contact a Birmingham bankruptcy attorney from [firm-name], at [phone-number] today.

Benefits and Penalties

With rapidly shifting markets and housing prices, the decision to break a specific agreement with certain penalties may be preferable to the consequences of delayed action. While this is unlikely to gain money, it can significantly reduce potentially disastrous losses. These tactics have the following benefits and penalties:

  • certain agreements between parties may be nullified
  • creditors must abide by bankruptcy rules
  • regular bankruptcy penalties and standards are upheld
  • devalued housing is foreclosed on
  • defaulting can harm credit scores

Some may judge strategic bankruptcy filers harshly, but they are only acting to protect their financial stability. A well-considered bankruptcy filing can save jobs and help a family to survive through challenging economic times.

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If you are considering filing bankruptcy in order to protect your best interests, it is important that you understand various options that may be available. Contact a Birmingham bankruptcy lawyer from [firm-name], at [phone-number] today to discuss your case with a skilled and experienced attorney.

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