Debt and Serious Injury

For many Americans fighting to make ends meet, being seriously injured can prove simply too much for their already strained finances. Even those with health insurance may not have the funds to cover certain expenses or costs left uncovered. As a result, many of these individuals have found themselves sinking deeper into major debt without a foreseeable way to get out.

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The Impact of Injury on Finances

Although the American healthcare system has some of the best technology and practitioners in the world behind it, the costs can prove excessively prohibitive for many patients. However, especially after an incident involving serious trauma, many people do not have an option to consider whether they have the money to see a doctor or not. After receiving treatment, the financial burden of these costs may begin to build up. Some of the following problems may occur due to an injury:

  • Loss of time at work, meaning lost wages
  • Expensive medical bills upon treatment
  • Costly check-ups or physical therapy sessions for recovery
  • Permanent loss of wage-earning ability

In cases where an injury has damaged the brain or lead to an amputation, the permanent damage to the body may not allow the individual to return to work. As a result, their medical bills can overshadow their savings, leading to a major surge in personal debt to cover the expenses.

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Suffering an injury can take a massive toll on a person physically, emotionally, and financially. If you have slipped into unmanageable debt, bankruptcy may be the right option for you to move forward. To learn more, contact the Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys of [firm-name], today by calling [phone-number].

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