Foreclosure Pets

Bankruptcy can be an incredibly difficult time, financially and emotionally. In some cases, pressure can mount, causing the person to do things they otherwise would never even consider. When it comes to eliminating cost, some are afraid that their faithful pet simply will break their budgets. As a result, some pet owners have left their animals behind, vacating property without bringing along their pets.

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Options for the Bankrupt

While many of those leaving foreclosure pets behind believe that these animals will simply fend for themselves, the reality is that these are domesticated animals that are not used to a world without human help. Animals may begin to starve before they realize that their owners are not returning, and there may not be any food around the house to help them survive. If someone is facing foreclosure and cannot find a way to pay for the expenses of their pet(s), the following are legitimate options:

  • The local rescue shelter will often provide a temporary home for a pet
  • Finding a friend or relative to keep the animal until finances improve
  • Giving the pet a new home with a friend, relative, or appropriate acquaintance

Financial stress is no excuse for animal cruelty. There are many options available for pet owners who are facing serious financial troubles.

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If you are facing bankruptcy, the process can be extremely confusing and stressful. To learn more about your options and how an attorney can help you restructure your financial life, contact the Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers of [firm-name] at [phone-number].

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